Boat Chartering

Scubatyme has joined up with American Dive Center to take you to the location of choice to perform your nuptials! You will have the option of either keeping it casual and just paying for seats on one of its regular charters, or you can charter the whole boat for your friends and family! Scubatyme is owned by Enzo Varalla. He has over 15 years of diving experience in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and the USA including, naturally, South Florida. He was a PADI Instructor for 10 of these years which enabled him to juggle his passion for diving with Corporate life. But who doesn’t dream of the big escape? Enzo had been a loyal Scubatyme customer since 1994, so when the business came on the market in 2006, he happily left the Corporate world for a new adventure. His newest venture was christened with love and good fortune as he and his wife celebrated by getting married on the boat surrounded by loved ones. He is now ready to help others create an experience as memorable as his own!