Customize Your Wedding!

Take a look at a list of what you can consider to customize your experience!
  • Pick a dive spot of your choice or select from our list of recommendations!
  • Ride along with a regular charter, or charter the entire boat for you and your loved ones!
  • Design your ceremony to your liking to include vows, exchanging of rings, and so much more!
  • Come dressed in regular suit and gown, or order customized wetsuits!
  • Take a post ceremony cruise on the intercoastal and even select your own restaurant to stop at!
  • We have many themes to choose from if you wish to decorate your charter!
  • Get catering for your charter to keep your friends and family from getting too parched or hungry on the trip!
  • Family not certified? Thats no problem! We will select a location that will allow them to snorkel and watch from above!

The possibilities go on and on! E-mail us at for more details on how you can make this experience your own!