Guided Dives are preferred by many.  After certification some divers enjoy the comfort of having a Dive Master or a dive professional lead the dive.  The Drift Diving in South Florida is easy and fun but sometimes it is nice to have someone else tow the dive flag.  What ever your reason is, we are able to offer you that service.

It all starts with meeting at the dive shop.  Your dive professional will ensure that you are properly equipped for the up and coming dives.  This may be done the day before if you are on scheduled for the morning dives.Then off to meet the boat.  ​​Your guide will assist you with setting up your gear and getting ready for departure.  Assistance will also be given in regards to the dive plan as well.  Your dive professional will enter the water after everyone is ready and lead the dive at your pace, pointing out creatures and carrying the flag.  What a great stress free adventure.
How much would you pay for this level of service and knowledge? Priceless, some would say.  Actually the fee is $75 per person with a minimum of 2 in the group.  Maximum is 6 if everyone knows each other previously, 4 otherwise. 

All we need is 48 hours notice.  Fee is in addition ​to the cost of the charter and any equipment needed as these costs will vary.​  Guide is an Insured Industry professional, not necessarily an Instructor. 
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