American Dive Center's history began in 1972 on Long Island as the South Bay Dive Center in Wantagh. The founder, Ed Murphy, predicated his dream on the popular television show of the 60's, Sea Hunt, and the pioneering work of Jacques Cousteau. Ed has dived challenging wrecks all over the world in hundreds of feet of water, such as the Andrea Doria.

In 1987 the store burned to the ground when an out-of-control vehicle plowed through the store's plate glass window. After that, a decision was made to relocate to where the waters were always hospitable to diving, south Florida's east coast. American Dive Center's parent store was founded in Boca Raton in 1988. The second location was set up in 1994 in Coral Springs and remains family-owned to this day.  In 2009, our Boca Raton store was sold and our Coral Springs location is now our Flagship store.  

~ ~ HISTORY ~ ~
Coral Springs Scuba Course