​We specialize in PADI referrals! Complete your classroom sessions and pool dives in your home town. Do your checkout dives with us on our beautiful reefs.

​If your schedule does not allow for flexibility the course may become private. 

Schedule your dives with us when your trip plans are in place. One to two weeks advanced notice is sufficient to lock in one of our experienced instructors.  We will need two passport size photographs to complete your certification. Make sure that all of the academics and confined water skills are signed off in your log book or get a Referral from your Instructor.  A log book is needed for training. 

Note: When planning your trip, allow two days for diving. If possible, plan to do your dives during the beginning part of your trip. That way, if the weather turns bad, you will already be certified. Also, remember to allow at least 24 hours between the end of your last dive and the departure time of your flight.


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