Already certified but not comfortable with the thought of going back in the water. No need to take the whole course over again. Just take our PADI Refresher Course.

Semi-Private Option $150
**​includes Rental Equipment

First things First.  Purchase the SCUBA Tune up Guidebook.  This has seven sections with self tests at the end of each chapter.  Come into the store and we will assist you with reviewing equipment set up. We will inspect your personal gear of Mask, Snorkel, Fins, and weight system. Then off to the pool for a fun session of skills.  We will cover everything in the confined water session to prepare you for diving in open water.  

Private Option  $250
We are able schedule your private sessions  that include everything comprised in the Semi-Private session but only Private. 
Everything is included except the Scuba Tune-up textbook and your personal diving equipment i.e. mask, snorkel, fins, boots, weight belt and soft weights.

For either option you may use your personal SCUBA equipment with proof of service within the last 12 months or just use our rental fleet at no extra charge.

No physical examination is required if you are in good health. For more information on the physical requirements for the course, see Medical History Form.

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