Underwater Wedding FAQ's

Q: Do I have to be certified to get married underwater?
A: Yes you have to be certified, but if you aren’t yet do not worry! We offer packages that include underwater certification!

Q: What if no one else in my wedding party/family is certified but wants to watch the ceremony?
A: If your family/friends aren’t certified and do not wish to be but still want to watch, then we will select a spot in shallow waters so they can snorkel and watch from above.

Q: I know weather can be unpredictable especially when I am planning my wedding months in advance. What happens if the weather is not favorable for an underwater ceremony?
A: Of course no one can promise you the sun will be shining, the waves will be non-existence, and the water will be crystal clear, all 3 months before hand. That can’t even be promised the day beforehand. Luckily when it comes to diving, a lot can be accomplished even on days where the weather isn’t perfect. It could just mean we do a shallower/shorter dive, and then cruise the intercoastal. Or it could mean having a backup date in mind. So do not fret! We do have options and backup plans available to make sure no matter what, you will have the experience of a lifetime!

Q: Will I have to obtain a marriage license before the wedding? How does this work in the state of Florida?
A: Everything you need to know about marriage licenses can be found at the Broward County Clerks Office marriage website

Q: What if I have to reschedule? Will my marriage license expire?
A: All you have to do is make sure the backup date is within 60 days of the date of issue!

Q: How will the ceremony work since we obviously can’t speak underwater?
A: There are a lot of different ways we can work this. We can have it standardized or customized, with vows or without. Everything will be done on waterproof paper and presented underwater. Wish to exchange vows? We will supply you with your own underwater paper and ink to write down your vows and you can exchange them underwater! Keep them safe so you can mount them in a beautiful frame to hang on your wall!

Q: Do I have to charter the whole boat? What if it’s just us?
A: No! If you want to keep it casual, as in just the two of you, we can schedule you as regular passengers and pay per seat on the boat. It’s better than Vegas if all you are looking for is to elope! But keep in mind the more friends and family you want along, the better the chances are that you will be asked to charter.